Rug Washing Process

Rug scrub Dirt removal
  • Inspection and work order - we inspect every rug with our customers and write up an itemized quotation before any work is done.
  • We test every color of every rug to make sure the dyes are stable and can safely handle a submersion washing.
  • We place the rug upside down on a grid and use a machine to vibrate out dry soil - we are always amazed at how much dry soil settles to the base of a rug even with weekly vacuuming done.
  • An appropriate cleaning detergent is selected and saturated into the rug top and bottom.
  • Scrubbing to the rug is done with wool friendly brushes either by hand or with a spinning machine.
  • Flushing of detergent and soil - lots of water is used to rinse the rug clear and then to make sure the pH is set right.
  • Extraction units are used to vacuum out the moisture.
  • Any protective coatings can be applied now before the rug is groomed so the face fibers all lay together the same way.
  • Rugs are hung on a rack with high power fans blowing at them for drying.
  • Rugs are rolled in craft paper when dry and tagged for delivery/pickup.

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